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Steps to take after learning SAGE 50?

Steps to take after learning SAGE 50?


I'm still a student at university studying business economics, but recently enrolled myself in a Sage Line 50 course in order to enhance my job prospects when I graduate. I have completed just over 70% of the course, and as far as I'm aware I am fairly proficient with it, I was wondering however, once I do achieve a qualification in the course what might be the best option to take next? Would a small accountancy firm be likely to take any interest in employing me, even in a minor capacity until I graduate university? Any advice or answers would be much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from anyone!



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22nd May 2012 16:29

Try writing to local practices

A friend of mine employs a student on 2 days a week in his practice at the moment.

So your idea of approaching local accountancy practices is a good one. Pick small ones and write a nice friendly letter plus cv telling them that you are very keen, but know you need more training on the book-keeping front, that you are a fast learner and would love to meet them to show them how helpful you could be to them. Ask amongst locals whether they have any acquaintances who can spread the word for you.

Your new employer will have to spend some time showing you more about book-keeping in the real world, but if you match yourself to the right employer it could be good for both of you. Good luck!

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