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Steve Pipe and spam emails

Steve Pipe is taking a very flexible view of GDPR

I was looking forward to GDPR stopping a range of spam emails, including a spate from Steve Pipe.  However his latest emails says

"On the basis that you’ve opened emails from me in the last 90 days (at least that’s what my software says), I’m assuming you have a ‘legitimate interest’ in continuing to receive emails from me about how to make your practice more successful. Please let me know if this is no longer the case by clicking the unsubscribe button below.
I intend to continue sharing content that is of real value to you value to you, including research, insights, educational videos and webinars, resources, recommendations and other similar information - all designed to help you build a more successful practice by serving your clients better and having an even more positive impact on the world.
So the first part of the good news is that you don’t need to do anything more to continue receiving them, since your legitimate interest means our relationship is already GDPR compliant.
Alternatively, you can of course opt out at any time – including now – by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email"

I don't want to be clicking on any of the spam emails as I have no idea which are phishing and which are genuine.  If the businesses are genuine then their emails should just stop as I haven't agreed to be contacted.  Steve Pipe's email content tells me that he is towards the phishing end of the spectrum.  If he has a genuine business then he has just devalued his offer.

Has anyone worked out how to get him to stop sending his spam without risking their IT systems?


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23rd May 2018 09:20

Wait until Friday & report him to the ICO.

Nothing will happen, but it might may you feel better.

Then block his email address in your settings.

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23rd May 2018 09:55

I blocked his emails several months ago because I hadn't subscribed to them in the first place. I assume my details either came on a mailing list or he used my accountancy bodies website.

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23rd May 2018 10:08

Surely everyone unsubscribes from his crap and then blocks his address?

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23rd May 2018 10:19

My spam filter doesn't stop it as he uses a new email address for each email he sends.

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to Jane Evans
24th May 2018 07:34

Sneaky b45t4rd

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to Jane Evans
24th May 2018 07:39

My Outlook ‘Clutter’ means that I’ve not heard from him for some months :’(

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By Locutus
23rd May 2018 10:30

I have been receiving an email from Steve Pipe every other day, bizarrely urging me to unsubscribe from his mailing list.

I was curious to see what would happen if I did not and this morning received the same strange email that the OP received.

Steve Pipe - if you are reading, your understanding of GDPR is incorrect. Don’t make me report you to ICO, there’s a good chap.

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23rd May 2018 11:20

I must be doing something wrong as he doesn't send me e-mails

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23rd May 2018 11:25

Disappointed that I'm not on the list of someone I place in the same category as Bob H.

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By Maslins
23rd May 2018 11:51

"Legitimate interest" seems the most open of the legal bases, ie open to debate. I do think many of the emails going round over the last month or two insisting people need to specifically opt in don't need to be done, as many of them could justify it on the basis of legitimate interest.

If this bloke's emails are peeing you off, just mark as spam/whatever your end. That way you shouldn't get them anymore, and if he's annoying enough that lots of people do this, I believe he'll start to find his emails drifting into spam for lots of people anyway (ie even those who haven't specifically flagged his emails as spam)...though I may be wrong on that last point, I don't claim to understand the intricacies of how emails/ISPs/spam settings work.

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By Melody
24th May 2018 01:37

Do his emails contain any marketing at all? E.g. "To learn more buy my book/subscribe to my course etc?" Somehow I doubt he is giving away all his expertise for no recompense!

Marketing can come under legitimate interest but if emails contain any marketing at all, they must also comply with the PECR. If not they are not lawful so neither legitimate interest nor any other basis under GDPR can be lawful!

PECR requires consent unless the 'soft opt-in' applies. Emails under the soft opt-in can only go to previous customers who have purchased something similar or related or at least engaged in purchase negotiations, and they must have been given a clear chance to opt out when they signed up and with every subsequent email. A previous customer is not someone who has merely opened an email! Even if they read the advice in the email that does not mean they have purchased anything! So he should not send these emails without consent to GDPR standards!

If you are worried about clicking on a link in the email, look up his website separately and use the contact details on there to inform him in writing that you wish to unsubscribe. If you like, tell him that he is acting contrary to the PECR and you will report him to the ICO if you hear more from him. He sounds like the sort of person who aims to stay barely within the law, and will probably back down in that case.

I found the ICO were perfectly prepared to give a ruling if I sent details of a recent case I was involved in, and after communicating to the other party what the ICO had told me (among other things) the other party backed down.

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24th May 2018 08:40

Thank you for your advice. I will try that.

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24th May 2018 08:46

Email him back and tell to stick it up his “Pipe” and smoke it

See what I did there

Who even uses email marketing these days that’s so 2010

Stalking via LinkedIn is the future

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to Glennzy
24th May 2018 11:34

Glennzy wrote:

Stalking via LinkedIn is the future

You sound like a dangerous man.
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to Red Leader
25th May 2018 08:01

That’s a whole new ball game. Can we have a GDPR rule banning automated “hi, buy something from me” responses when one accepts an invitation?
I know I just shouldn’t accept the invite, but on the off-chance they’re looking for an accountant...

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24th May 2018 09:37

Haven't had any from Mr Pipe, but did get one yesterday from an R&D company.

Similar vein, click the unsubscribe button at the bottom if you don't want to hear from us in the future.

Took me a while to find this unsubscribe button. Turns out it was a link - in the black background footer, and the lettering was coloured dark grey. You could only just make it out if you squinted.

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24th May 2018 17:05

I've also had them all but never signed up. I only opened them as I was curious to see how low he'd go. Anyone else take offense at his offer of funding a child in Africa in return for signing up? I'm sure that's not in the spirit of GDPR at all.

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to sharon.pocock
24th May 2018 17:49

I thought offering free Sunderland football tickets was low until I saw that.

Beyond scraping the barrel

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By mg200
25th May 2018 07:47

From reading the privacy policy of a few larger businesses, it is clear that they are informing their users that they are (still) sharing their data with other organisations. This is being done under 'legitimate interests' and it is extremely flexible it seems. I can't see there being enough resources to police the definition of legitimate interests in each organisation.

No one reads these terms/policies so not much will change in my opinion from bigger business. Small business however must have spent a considerable amount of time to determine their policy and (in a lot of cases it is clear) that some have overreacted by throwing money at new software to encrypt every communication.

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to mg200
25th May 2018 08:46

mg200 wrote:

I can't see there being enough resources to police ...

As with all of this crap it will be the little guys who get the fines while whatsapp and facebook continue to sell your data by the millions.

The whole thing is a complete waste of time! Its made any genuine business do more work but the dodgy ones wont have made any changes and they'll continue to send junk to us!

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