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Still awaiting CIS offsets and refunds


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I prepared and filed online my client's on 12th June 2019.

Despite 3 or 4 t/calls and various dates being given by HMRC, the most recent being today, the CIS offsets against the director's SA and co. CT have still not be carried out.

Anyone else struggling with this?

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By exceljockey
18th Sep 2019 18:02

When you call HMRC can they actually see the CIS submissions on their systems? I had a similar problem and eventually, I worked out that I hadn't filed the CIS submissions properly via EPS RTI.

Once I had filed it properly the offset happened very quickly i.e in about a week.

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By SteLacca
19th Sep 2019 08:51

They are taking a good while at the moment. Much, much longer than the advertised 30 days.

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By jcace
19th Sep 2019 10:44

They are currently taking up to 12 weeks to process, according to HMRC last week when I phoned

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By Paul Hawes
19th Sep 2019 12:00

Can't remember the exact date HMRC gave, but there used to be an automated message when calling the Employer's helpline that said they would only deal with 18/19 CIS refunds towards the end of September.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
20th Sep 2019 09:19

Now dont all shout at me but apparently according to HMRC this problem wont be present under MTD - you'll be able to see all taxes in one place and do your own set off if overpaid on one tax and want to use for another or client has used the wrong ref nos and paid VAT instead of CT for example.
Any other benefits of MTD? No.. didnt think I'd get any answer.

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