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Stock control and TAS

Stock control and TAS

A client manufactures testing equipment. It currently uses TAS 3 for bookkeeping and an ancient standalone stock control system. They'd like to ditch the latter and install something off the shelf that would integrate with TAS. They need bills of materials, stock explosion reporting, etc (the full monty basically). Does anyone have any recommendations?
Chris Martin


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24th May 2005 23:13

Look at TAS Stock Control
The obvious place to start with is TAS's own Stock Control, BOM and Order Processing modules, which are pretty good for this price range.

Limitations are that it only holds one part number per stock item whereas you may want to quote supplier's own part numbers on purchase orders. Also if the price on a purchase invoice is different from that on the purchase order, the new price doesn't get updated to the product file.

If these defects are unacceptable, ditch TAS and look at the next level up, Anagram Encore 01403-295551. Don't try to integrate TAS and another package; it's not worth the trouble.

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