Strike Off: HMRC & Companies House Obligations

Post-compulsory strike off: HMRC and Companies House filing requirements

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The company, of which I am (was?) a director, was dissolved by compulsory strike off. I extended the financial year by 4 months to 31st December 2023, intending to file final accounts and dissolve the company myself this year. However, I overlooked the requirement to file a confirmation statement 12 months after registering the company, given the extended first financial year to 16 months. Do I now need to file anything with HMRC or Companies House? For various reasons, the company never traded although I did deposit some money into the company account (£100) and then later withdraw it.

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By lionofludesch
01st Feb 2024 19:39

Struck off?

The company doesn't exist and HMRC cannot get it to pay their fines. Nor CH.

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By stepurhan
01st Feb 2024 20:46

In theory you could be personally pursued for company liabilities, since you have clearly been negligent in your directorial duties. In practice, that only happens when significant amounts of money are at stake.

This is why getting paid-for advice before setting up a company is a good idea.

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Lisa Thomas
By Lisa Thomas - Insolvency Practitioner
02nd Feb 2024 09:54

The company no longer exists so you are not able to deal with any outstanding issues.

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