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old style student loan

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Have a client paying off her student loan from the 1990s.   Not being paid via employer deductions.  She is paying the proscribed amount off each year.  If the amounts she was paying were via her pay then that amount would be taken into account when calcualting the 9% liability on her tax return.  But there was no space on her return to give a similar deduction if paid outside the PAYE regime.  Does anyone else have this situation?  I find it a little odd that HMRC expect her to pay well in excess of the 9% overall, particularly as  the paymets she makes are not voluntary.  Have I missed a section on her return where I could have taken her payments into account?

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By Tim Vane
27th Feb 2017 14:59

Given the age it sounds like it might not be a plan 1 loan at all. I suggest contacting SLC and asking if it should be included in SA as it is possible it should not be. If it should be collectable through SA, ask them why it is being repaid outside of SA as somebody somewhere has their wires crossed.

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By Marion Hayes
27th Feb 2017 16:03

How old is the client. I believe 1978-9 birthdays were the last year where the student loans were outside SA so nothing should be on the return. (Educational year not fiscal or calendar)

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By WillowTree
27th Feb 2017 16:18

Thanks Both. Following Tim's reply I called HMRC and they contacted SLC. All agreed this was the old style loan that shouldn't have been included on the return.

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By britishp
21st Apr 2017 16:19

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