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Student loan Plan A query

I do not see any student loan deductions on my payslip. What does this mean as I have not received

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I am on Plan A of student loan repayments and only just recently I have noticed student loan has not been deducting from my payslips.

Does this mean I have paid back the £20k? I mean, it is not alot but I wanted to know if this meant I do not owe anymore monies? Because I did not receive any letters from student loan to say that I have paid them back fully.

Thanks for your kind responses. 


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By Tim Vane
09th May 2020 02:42

How could we possibly know?

How much do you earn? How long have you been working? How much have you paid back? Have you asked your employer? Did you fill out a starter checklist? Did you ask the Student Loans Company?

When you have answers to all of the above please post again.

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By SXGuy
09th May 2020 07:13

Hi Op.

Can you tell me what I ate for breakfast yesterday? Thanx.

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By Cheshire
09th May 2020 07:29

1) ask employers why they haven't deducted anything
2)ask student loan co
3) note for future, this is a forum for Accountants to ask questions of other Accountants
4) go back to school
5) get all your records out and work it out for yourself (that really should be number (1), but it also should've been obvious
6) cut back on the beer, it will/has addle(d) your brain.

Happy Weekend.

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By John Stone
09th May 2020 08:10

Ouch! 'Kind responses' came there none.

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Replying to John Stone:
By paul.benny
09th May 2020 11:04

Perhaps I'm hard hearted but I thought the responses have been pretty generous for a very dumb question. The OP could have checked with people that might actually know the answer, such as employer or SLC before posting here.

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By bernard michael
09th May 2020 09:17

If it's only in the new tax year this has occurred it sounds like a software error in transferring information over from the old year

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By Wanderer
09th May 2020 09:31

Do you earn enough to be required to have student loan repayments?

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By Matrix
09th May 2020 11:11

I would check your tax code and check that your employer has been applying the correct tax code. If in doubt call the student loans number to find out the balance.

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Replying to Matrix:
By garystirling
09th May 2020 12:13

What's your tax code got to do with student loan deductions?

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Replying to garystirling:
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By Matrix
09th May 2020 14:00

Maybe I mean coding notice. My point is that maybe the employer should be making the deductions and is not so the OP should check any coding notices/student loan notices in their digital tax account.

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By Confused78
09th May 2020 21:29

If you have recently changed your job it can take time for them to catch up with you.

What I would suggest is getting in touch with the student loan company as no one else will be able to answer your question, not even your employer

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