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Student loans and earnings

Student loans and earnings

My client wants to pay his wife a salary from his Limited company of £7,440 for about 15 hours work a week. The wife currently receives a student maintenance loan of about £4,500 a year and a grant for her tuition fees of £3,300 a year. Is she allowed to work 15 hours a week as a student? Does she have to declare this new job/income to the student loans company and does this change the amount of the loan or grant she is entitled to get?

Lots of students have part time work in a bar or shop so there must be an answer somewhere but my searches have not come up with any answers


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11th Apr 2012 21:08


Why are you thinking there is a limit to hours worked. Is she an overseas national with a student visa?

There is no restriction on the loan. I don't think there are any restrictions on the grant but the documentation would explain that.

Why should there be an answer somewhere? I could look for an answer whether an accountant with brown hair is allowed to eat ice cream but I won't find an answer.

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12th Apr 2012 12:52

The wife can work as many hours as she wants...just like any other student.

Student loan applications are made each year (not just one application at the start of the course), so a change in circumstances will affect her application.

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