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Sub-contractor needed to prepare accounts to ETB

Sub contractor needed to prepare accounts to ETB

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We are a busy accounting firm based in Kent and are looking for a sub-contractor to prepare accounts from client's bags of incomplete records through to ETB. We have a variety of trades to work on  typical of any general practice; from taxi-drivers to taxidermists, general builders to body builders and of course some 1 man companies thrown in

You will need to have a good working knowledge of accounts prep and ideally already being working as a sub-contractor to other accounting firms

Would prefer someone local to Kent but could send/receive work via couriers so can be flexible on location.  

If you are interested please let me know so we can discuss things further


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By johnt27
23rd Sep 2019 10:37

An ETB, really? Are these still a thing? I thought they went out with the introduction of electronic spreadsheets some 40 years ago...

When you say prepare to ETB do you mean processing records (in which case why aren't you using technology - it's cheaper and faster) or do you mean pull together processed data, fill in the blanks, calculate prepayments/accruals etc to get to an ETB.

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Replying to johnt27:
By meadowsaw227
23rd Sep 2019 11:31

An ETB is a brilliant way to teach the unteachable exactly how debit and credits work (in my humble opinion) .

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By Justin Bryant
23rd Sep 2019 11:42

I think ETB paper (or Excel) preparation (from bank statements etc.) should be essential training for all accountants as it teaches you the fundamentals (many people here (youngsters presumably) do not understand the difference between debits/credits, debtors/creditors etc.). A bit like how all accountants should also do a stocktake etc. to understand auditing basics.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
23rd Sep 2019 15:51

I haven't used ETBs since I stopped using 14-column.

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