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I hope someone can please help as I can't seem to find the opportunities section on accountingweb.

I am ACCA qualified with a practising certificate. I am finding it hard to build my business and in the mean time I  have bills to pay. I have nearly 5 years practice experience and I am looking for subcontract work I can do from home around school runs.

Where is the best place to look/ start?

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By Tim Vane
05th Nov 2018 11:30

Your previous posts suggest that you resigned ACCA. Did you go back?

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Replying to Tim Vane:
By Yesican
05th Nov 2018 11:59

Yes I did go back and also got my practising certificate as I realised I had worked too hard to give it all up.

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Hallerud at Easter
05th Nov 2018 12:52

Depends where you are I expect.

Years since I did sub con work (early 1990s) so likely out of date.

I got mine from a firm I had previously worked for , the plus points re their agreeing were likely their knowing the standards I applied to my work and the fact that when I had left I had not poached their clients so was likely not perceived as a danger, these I suspect left the door open to them being supportive . I worked for a third of the final fee they billed and got paid when they got paid (last debtor when I ceased took 18 months!!!!)

It resulted in my eventually returning to them as an employee and doing five more years with them before I left in 1999 for my current role.

If no personal contacts you could try shopping around locally, catch will be firms may be cagey re client poaching, however if the work has little/no client contact that might not be an issue.

I would also tell people on here your rough geographic area, someone on here might be looking for a sub con.

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By Djs
26th Dec 2018 11:15

Are you still looking for subcontract work.
which part if the country are you based

Contact me on 07973175324

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