subcontracting out tax returns and other services

how do accounting practices pay subcontractors for doing tax returns, reviewing accounts and other

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Looking for advice on subcontracting out accountancy type work to UK based individuals (not offshore)

Does your practice subcontract out (to UK based individual subcontractors); 

  • preparing UK self assessment tax returns (basic returns and more complex returns)?
  • reviewing of year end accounts for ltds and partnerships / checking of work of less senior employees?
  • other ad hoc practice work e.g straightforward tax advice, setting up VAT registrations, answering client queries?

If so, on what basis do you pay your subcontractors to do the above types of work? By job, fixed fees, size dependent, by the hour, some other method?

Any other tips you can suggest?

We already use a number of individuals for year end accounts prep but have never subbed out the above types of work.

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By FactChecker
30th Apr 2024 22:23

What services are you proposing to retain in-house?

Not as silly a question as it may sound ... unless you have some strong/near-unique specialism, then outsourcing too much can mean you lose any sense of who your clients are & what they do - and vice-versa.

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