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Submission of Accounts to Companies House

Submission of Accounts to Companies House


I hope someone will be able to answer my question.

I am an ACCA affiliate carrying out some sub contract work predominantly internal management accounts and book keeping for very small organisations. What I wanted to know was firstly:

1) Doe it require a qualified accountant to prepare and file accounts to companies House


2) Can any unqualified accountant (or individual) prepare & submit these account?

I am new into sub-contracting - so am not sure of who can do the above?

Many thanks.



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28th Feb 2012 09:57

No & Yes

No - you don't have to be a qualified accountant to prepare and file accounts at Companies House, so Yes - an unqualified accountant can do it, as can anybody else, including the company's directors themselves.  Whether it would be wise for someone like that to prepare and file statutory accounts is a different matter.

Also, I don't know what an ACCA affiliate is or whether it means that you might be subject to ACCA rules about not preparing statutory accounts without a practising certificate.

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28th Feb 2012 12:31

Oh dear

As an ACCA affiliate (passed the exams, pending membership) you should have read the rules before subcontracting.

You are required to be a full member and hold a Practicing Certificate to provide any other services than basic book keeping.  


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