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Submitting an ERS return

Stuck in a loop

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I am trying to submit an employment related securities return (due today).  Although I requested agent authorisation weeks ago, they don't seem to have sent a code.  So the client has logged in with their tax account to upload the form.  When he chooses the option for Employment Related Securities, it asks him to log in again.  And again.  And again.  We can't get to the screen where you actually file anything.

I tried online services helpdesk but had to give up after 30 minutes on hold.  Does anyone have an idea what is wrong?

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By Andy556
06th Jul 2022 19:37

I had the same loop last year. It took around 45 days to sort. You'll need to request the agent authority again as you can't do it without the code. But the client also needs to notify HMRC of the scheme on their gateway account, without them doing this your online authority is useless as the scheme won't appear. They will also need to wait for their activation code in the post which causes more delays. Also, if they haven't got a PAYE account activated on the gateway account already then they need the activation code for this too....more delays

I rang them and they know about the ease of use issue so they cancelled the late filing penalty because they knew I was trying my best

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