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Submitting final accounts to Companies House

Should I submit final accounts to Companies House?

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Hello, company ceased trading 6 months before its usual year-end. Accounts have been prepared anyway for submission with final CT600. Should we submit the final cessation accounts to Companies House or is that unnecessary? If we do submit would we need to shorted ARD before Companies House accepts the electronic submission of the accounts? Thanks in advance

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By johngroganjga
14th Feb 2020 15:38

If you are planning to strike the company off after its tax is agreed and paid, and all the other items in its balance sheet closed down, you won’t need to file any accounts at Companies House.

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By Matrix
14th Feb 2020 17:00

No, just write to HMRC to let them know you will be striking off the company and all taxes are paid and then prepare the DS01 after 3 months. This assumes there are no creditors.

I have filed final accounts before though since I had to prepare them to send the CT600 and because the client may have paid for them so I thought it was more professional. I changed the accounting date to the cessation of trade first.

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By lionofludesch
14th Feb 2020 17:40

If you're not having the company struck off, you don't need to change the ARD. You can stick with the one you've got.

HMRC, on the other hand, will expect their return to the cessation of trade.

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By clark.hall
14th Feb 2020 18:08

Seems there's several ways to skin the cat. Thanks a lot for the comments, very helpful

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