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Submitting historic tax return

Submitting historic tax return

Hi all,

If a client needs to submit previous years tax returns, but the facility to do so is not available online, is it ok to download a paper copy of the SA forms and send in a paper copy or do I contact HMRC and ask them to add the 09/10 tax return to his online profile so he can submit electronically?

Any help much appreciated, thanks,


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29th Apr 2012 19:27

3rd party software

If you have 3rd party software you can submit online. I don't know about downloading paper copies or the HMRC system online. It seems too cumbersome.

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By Katy D
29th Apr 2012 21:07

submitting historical tax return

On a couple of occasions I have had to file paper copies of historic returns as the online window for the years concerned were closed. The paperwork eventually found it's way to the correct place in HMRC by which time (I had already advised the client to start making monthly payments) the debt had been repaid, before the collections team had woken up to the fact that there had ever been a material debt outstanding in the first place.

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