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Submitting tax return

Submitting tax return

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Client work as self employer (sub-contractor) for Construction company and work only for him self. His company paid him weekly wages and deducted 20% tax only from his salary before giving his salary, contractor did not deduct n.i.c class 4 or other contributions. When sending his TR for 2013/14, does HMRC has his income details in their system as contractor paid through their roll. He has paid large tax bill (around £5,000) but this does not taking into account his expenses, also no class 4 insurance has being paid. I will be completing S100 and S103 and unsure in which box should I enter amount that contractor has deducted his tax.

Should I send as normal by filling all boxes which are relevant to his business and HMRC will do the rest of job, or do I need any special arrangements for this return ?

I am very confused about this.

Any help appreciated.  


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By johngroganjga
19th Apr 2014 23:52

If you are his accountant and tax adviser you will need to prepare his accounts then prepare his tax return. The CIS tax that has been deducted from the payments made to him will be a credit against the tax and Class 4 NI he is liable for.

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