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Submitting Year End to HMRC

Submitting Year End to HMRC

I prepare my friends business accounts at home.She is a sole trader and a micro business, she is not VAT Registered.

My question is: Will I be able to sign off her accounts to HMRC as I am only part qualified?

I will be on the CIMA register if that helps.




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By tom123
23rd Feb 2016 12:55

You can, but should you?

Hi Tanya,

There is actually no need for any qualifications at all (from an HMRC perspective), and there is not really such a thing as 'signing off'

The sole trader should be the one signing her own return.

However, and this is where you will come to grief, from a CIMA perspective it is not something you should be doing - you are in breach of their rules.

That's leaving aside the whole issue of indemnity insurance etc.

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23rd Feb 2016 14:40

Student MIP

Hi Tanya,

I believe with CIMA, unlike ACCA, they do allow you to be in practice whilst studying. I was a registered AAT MIP when I enrolled to start studying CIMA and I checked with CIMA that this was OK beforehand. It was OK as long as I didn't refer to my CIMA membership to clients or on advertising material.

Whether or not it made a difference that I was registered with AAT I do not know. 

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