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Subsidiary Company Accounts

Subsidiary Company Accounts

I would like to know about Parent & Subsidiary Company Accounts.

Is it compulsory to mention in the accounts at company house of subsidiary company to mention that they are part of group? 

If they don't mention, how to find if they are part of parent company.


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06th Mar 2016 00:21

To answer your last question, you find out who a company's shareholders are by looking at its annual return.

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06th Mar 2016 12:29

It depends

As is often the case on AWeb, there is not enough information in the question to be able to give an unconditional answer.

If the subsidiary's accounts have been prepared under the FRSSE, because the group qualifies as small, and if abbreviated accounts have been filed at Companies House, there is no requirement to disclose the subsidiary's controlling party.  If so, the accounts would still have to disclose the accounting policies which should include the accounting standard used (FRSSE).

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06th Mar 2016 23:47

The group is not small. the parent company is mainly outside UK but it has its own operation in UK which is different from its subsidiary. subsidiary's accounts are submitted as under FRSSE. The parent company also submit its accounts at UK company house and their accounts didn't mentioned about subsidiary. One director is common in both companies.

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07th Mar 2016 10:21

So you already know that one company is a subsidiary of the other.

Is your only concern whether the two companies have correctly complied with the niceties of accounting disclosure?

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