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Subsistence for self-employed actor

Subsistence for self-employed actor

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Some insight please if you could spare a moment..

Self-employed actor chooses not to stay in hotels and have meals there (deductible for sure) on tour but instead stays in apartments (also deductible) and does a 'typical weekly shop' at Tesco to feed himself / make sandwiches for the week. Can he claim these 'normal' food bills? On one hand he is working away from home on business and it is not possible for him to eat at home...on the other hand he isn't incurring any additional costs above his normal subsistence. His previous accountant allowed all the shopping bills but I am thinking there is no additional subsistence costs so should not be allowed. Any comments much appreciated. I have asked 3 CA friends and they all have different opinions!

Many thanks

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By nick farrow
29th Dec 2014 12:27

tim healey case

try googling Tim Healey HMRC

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By bunnysnap
29th Dec 2014 12:35


Many thanks Nick, my actor moved around every 2-3 weeks so am confident of the accom rental costs and I see that TH had his subsistence disallowed becuase he could not 'prove' receipts / expenditure. My client has kept all his food receipts so will consider putting them through. Thanks very much for directing me towards this case.

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