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Subsistence - working away

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We have a staff member working away for several weeks who has submitted a claim for this period of time at £20 per day as per the HMRC staying away allowance max limit.

He does not have receipts for support the full value - can we see pay the full £20 per day without supporting receipts if we wish to?

As far as I understand if the business agrees then it would be acceptable and within the limit of being a tax-free allowance?


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By David Ex
28th Jan 2022 11:54


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28th Jan 2022 12:18

Thanks for the link.
I am not opposed to paying for professional advice I just thought this was a forum for asking questions on.

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Replying to TURNER89:
By Hugo Fair
28th Jan 2022 13:13

Yes, but it's particularly aggravating at this busy time of year to be asked what is virtually the same question that you asked so recently ... especially so since that generated useful responses for you to follow-up on.
But it now appears that not only did you not reply or acknowledge those previous replies, but would prefer simply to repeat the question without doing any of the suggested reading.

And my point is ... there are no b&w generic answers, so you need to apply the guidance to your particular circumstances.

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