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Subsistence/Meal Allowance - Extra £10 allowable??

Subsistence/Meal Allowance - Extra £10 allowable??

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I have a client who up until March 18 was PAYE working offshore/abroad. (He went self employed April 18).

The company he worked for on PAYE paid him a "STP" Daily Allowance of £10 per day (which Im assuming stands for Subsistence/Travel).

My client has been contacted by one of these specialist tax refund companies and they have said he could have been paid an extra £10 per day Employment Meal Allowance, so naturally he has come to me and asked me to try and claim something back for him!

I have trudged the internet to try and find legislation that says this, however have hit multiple brick walls.

I can only find the standard £5, £10 & £15 allowances based on hours travelled, and not only that there doesnt appear to be a place on a form P87 to claim these meal rates back (assuming they are allowable). I darent put them in "Other Expenses"!

I advised my client I am struggling to find any kind of legislation that says he is entitled to an extra £10, and he emailed me a copy of "Worldwide Subsistence Rates" and questioned if that had anything to do with it.

Has anyone had any experience in this area that can point me in the right direction?

Many Thanks in advance


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By Manchester_man
04th Sep 2018 00:47

Worldwide subsistence rates are something I've only dealt with once or twice, insofar as clients paying subsistence to employees working abroad, so I could be wrong, but whilst these can be paid by the employer to the employee, if such payments have not been made (as appears to be the case with your client), I don't think relief can be claimed by the employee.

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By Accountant A
04th Sep 2018 01:21

"... rates that employers can use to reimburse accommodation and subsistence expenses incurred by employees ...".

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