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Suddenly getting RTI penalties

Suddenly getting RTI penalties some going back to 2016!

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We have suddenly started to receive a few backdated RTI penalties from HMRC for late submissions. Only a handful but surprising they have suddenlt started appearing in the last 4 weeks having never received any before.

One relates to a late July 2018 submission, two to the 2017 tax year and one to March 2016; all received in the last 4 weeks.

Is there any reason HMRC might have suddenly started issuing RTI penalties? Is there a time limit for HMRC issuing penalties?


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23rd Oct 2018 15:14

How much are the penalties?
Were the submissions actually late?
Disturbing to note 2016 penalties apply!

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23rd Oct 2018 15:22

I strongly suspect the reason for the penalties is that the RTI system still doesn't work.

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By SXGuy
23rd Oct 2018 19:30

Never had a penalty sent to me in my life and I've missed a few submissions.

I'd put it down to computer error personally

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