Sugar Tax - yes it might affect some clients....

Is your client is a shop or distributor that imports drinks affected by the Soft Drinks Levy?

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I didn't think that the Sugar Tax (officially Soft Drinks Levy) would affect any of my clients because it would fall on the manufacturer of sugary drinks.  But I have a retailer who imports food which includes sugary drinks which means that this retailer has to register, report and pay trivial amounts of the levy every quarter.  I see that a "small producer" manufacturing less than 1 million litres of sugary drinks a year doesn't have to register but your local ethnic food shop would have to, unless they buy all of their sugary drinks from a UK supplier.

This is going to be a record-keeping and administrative burden which doesn't seem to have been anticipated.


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06th Jul 2018 11:50

Sugary drinks are akin to cigarettes, just saying....

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By pauljohnston
06th Jul 2018 16:31

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I suspect that there are quite a few enterprises who should charge but do not.

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By Nick Graves
17th Sep 2018 18:36

Does anyone out there know how you actually login and file the return?

My client and I are baffled and cannot get past the 'you have already registered' page.

There doesn't appear to be an option in the Business Tax Account either - let alone the Agent's login.

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