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I am currently looking at moving away from SAGE accounts and tax products to something a bit more integrated, with a database sitting over the top which can track deadlines for everything in one place.
I have had a session with Digita and they came across really well and have just had CCH's IT guy flumox me with technical jargon.  Their product might be better but it hasn't been communicated very well.  Does anyone have experience of converting from SAGE to Digita, CCH or something else?  What sort of support did you get from them to convert?
Don't need timesheet / WIP bits as we don't do hourly billing.
Any feedback and comments would be appreciated.  Thank you  

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By marks
24th Apr 2017 21:37

Best integrated software in my opinion is IRIS but it is the most expensive.

You can set up job trackers for anything. Some can be automated so completes automatically eg when submit accounts to companies house the stage can be automatically set to complete. We have jobs set up with different stages for; accounts, personal tax returns, partnership tax returns, corporate tax returns, bookkeeping, monthly management accounts, quarterly management accounts, monthly payroll, weekly payroll, autoenrolment, VAT returns, new client set up. (we probably have other ones set up but cant think of any off the top of my head).

Would advise to make sure you have everything set up as you want before you transfer over. You might need some training so they can go over the power of the software and what it can do.

Dont know about conversion but you could either manually put it in yourself (this is what we did, took us about 2 days between 2 people a couple of years ago to transfer data for about 130 clients) or IRIS could do for you but they will charge.

You can just buy the modules that you want so if you dont need time and fees module then you can choose not to add it. Like you we do fixed fees but still do timesheets so we can see time on each job.

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By accountantccole
25th Apr 2017 05:37

Think I probably ought to give Iris a look too. Thank you

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By accountantccole
25th Apr 2017 05:38

Think I probably ought to give Iris a look too. Thank you

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By Tornado
25th Apr 2017 09:26

Have a look at GBooks.

I am still contemplating my own default accounting suite and GBooks looks good as it is cloud based and seems to have been created as an integrated suite. The book-keeping module is currently being written but tax, accounts production and most other necessary applications currently exist including the latest API's. There is no payroll though.

IRIS is not all cloud based and might be a backwards step for those that want to have everything in the Cloud. IRIS is also very expensive and looks as though it is just a collection of individual programs that have been acquired and linked together and called a 'suite'.

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By morgani
25th Apr 2017 09:33

We moved to Digita from PTP some years back. The product itself was pretty good. We didn't use PM as the offering was not great back then.
Pricing was an issue with them. Prices are a little higher than others but not Iris territory but adding new clients or users was expensive.
We changed to using Glide for PM some time ago and after a while getting it set up it is now fantastic.
For Accounts and Tax we are using Capium who have their own PM solution. I have not explored it as we are more than happy with Glide and from experience most PM solutions take far more setting up and getting used to than accounts and tax software so just not worth it.
Based on this make sure whatever you choose for PM will work for you for some time as you do not want to have to change it again soon.

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By Glenn Martin
25th Apr 2017 15:05

Is your decision forced by a renewal date with your existing supplier.

If not I would maybe wait a few months until the next generation of products come out which are going to be MTD compliant as you dont want to change now, then have to do it again next year if you are unhappy with your choice

Would definately go down to Accountex as suspect there will be a lot of product announcements there.

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Replying to Glennzy:
By Mallock
27th Apr 2017 15:47

Is Accountex worth a visit?

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Replying to Mallock:
By Glenn Martin
27th Apr 2017 20:20

I think so. All suppliers are under one roof and this year I think there will be a lot to see as people will need to decide on what tools they will need going forward

Good opportunity for some free CPD and networking opportunity

You get to see a lot of people in a short space of time. Try and plan who you want to see and contact them before hand otherwise you can waste time wandering aimlessly around.

Also try and avoid myfirmsapp zapping your bar code as they will spam the [***] out of you for 2 years afterwards

A couple of days thinking time out of your practice almost worth it alone.

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By richardterhorst
27th Apr 2017 16:35

Have just moved to Digita from Keytime. Desktop for now as cloud version too expensive. They have a free cloud add on which keeps track of some data. Still have to go on a short course so not sure how to use it so it benefits.

Pricing slightly higher but more facility on PM. Cheaper than IRIS. You can have all modules open at the same time. Very useful.

Going first via Secretarial then much client data is imported automatically and shared amongst all modules.

The programs are a bit complex to start of with. Still learning and getting my head around it. Support is good. They have loads of webinair and other online teaching aids. It just takes time.

Accounting data import is via CSV/Excel and easy except for the mapping which not difficult just takes time. Not sure how it would work in MTD. No detail as yet. I think that will be a [***] up anyway.

Would suggest as one poster did to look at Accountex so you can see it working.

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