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Summary for Intrastat, Reverse Charge, ECSL limits and deadlines

Summary for Intrastat, Reverse Charge, ECSL...

Is there any link that can easily explain regular procedures for ECSL,  Reverse charging, Intrastat?

eg Deadlines for submission, what should be included, what conversion rates should be used, how to find out which Commodity code to use, etc.

If the Monthly/Quarterly Returns do not match the VAT Return figures, it triggers a notification from HMRC

Is there any easy-to-read training on these topics that anyone has come across?


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02nd Apr 2012 20:29

I also wish there was some easy training

But unfortunately, I haven't found any yet. The govt website is quite good but OMG its busy and I find it overwhelming so I try to read it in small chunks covering a specific section or topic each day.

But you do need to research your products against the database of commodity codes. That is a minefield but each business has to take responsibility for finding the right code to use for each product.

There are lots of export/import training courses available and you can often book them through your local chamber of commerce. They may certainly give you initial points and ideas to reduce the initial floundering. And a quick google search of something like intrastat help should direct you to for more in depth stuff.

But I am always interested in hearing if other people have a simpler method or "easy to read" training on this topic.

Good Luck

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