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Supervised by AAT and letter for immigration?

Does UKBA accepts a letter signed by a practice regulated by AAT?

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I have just had a query by a new client and he is requesting me to sign off an accounts and prepare a letter for immigration (applying for spouse visa) whilst he normally uses another practice (aat regulated) for regulay accountancy work (he does not want to change practice at the moment) and mentioned that UKBA does not recognise AAT supervised practice (his solicitor told him). I tried to check on UKBA before I take on and speak with his firm of accountant (they do look professional) to request accounts and working but could not find a concrete answer on the webs? 

Hence, can AAT regulated practice sign off accounts and letters for UKBA immigration purpose? 

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Scalloway Castle
By scalloway
16th Jul 2020 08:30

Accoding to this the Home Office have confirmed that they have changed their guidelines to recognise AAT members.

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Replying to scalloway:
By AP174
16th Jul 2020 20:25

Thanks for clarification!!

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Replying to AP174:
By Mr_awol
16th Jul 2020 21:27

To be fair, you hadn’t exactly looked very hard.

This morning I saw your post and googled UKBA immigration accountant AAT

The post linked above was the first search result, and not only answers your question but includes a link to gov guidance confirming the position!

If you’re wondering why I didn’t post it - it isn’t because I felt you didn’t deserve an answer because you hadn’t bothered to even try to find it yourself. I was going to link it, but when I tried, I got an error saying AWeb was down for maintenance

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Replying to Mr_awol:
By AP174
17th Jul 2020 21:41

I thought I would clarify the situation as it was not clear on UKBA website and their documents were very confusing.

I am really thankful for you to point this out.

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By Paul Crowley
16th Jul 2020 10:34

I had a similar request to help out on spouse visa. The solicitor turned out not to be a solicitor but a "legal representative" years out of date with how the UK tax system works, and with a completely insolvent company per companies house. Accounts showing one employee (himself) despite have a glowing website talking about a strong team that had so much experience etc.

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