Supplier passed away, no final invoice provided

Limited Company - next of kin dealing with financial affairs

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VAT Registered - need a final invoice so I can pay him.  Don't want to appear insensitve in requesting one. What can I do to make this as easy and less onerous as possible for his next of kin. 

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By lionofludesch
21st Feb 2024 16:06

Ask in a few weeks' time.

Ultimately, they'll probably appreciate your eagerness to pay.

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By paul.benny
21st Feb 2024 16:09

Why the urgency on your side? You don't mention how long ago the person died but there is no reason for you simply to hold an accrual until such time as someone is able to deal with the company's affairs.

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By paulhammett
21st Feb 2024 22:48


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By The Rogue
22nd Feb 2024 08:32

If someone close is handling affairs they will have a lot to do and it will be emotionally draining. Chasing customers for payment will not be fun so having one who wants to pay will be some relief. An email advising your position will probably be well received and then wait.

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By tom123
22nd Feb 2024 08:43

I would pay an estimated amount now, and send a condolence note.

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