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Supplier payments in QuickBooks online

I want to pay suppliers by BACS out of QBO

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I am installing QBO. I find that there is nowhere to record the suppliers' bank account details on the supplier record. Having investigated further I find that QBO doesn't really handle BACS payments. How have other users got around this? 

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By Charlie Carne
19th Dec 2018 08:54

There is currently no basic accounting software that I know of that can handle BACS payments. If your client has a BACS facility with their bank (and do they really have such a facility? I've never had a client with BACS in over 20 years as an accountant. What they have is internet banking, which is not the same as BACS), you could generate a report of payments set up in QBO and export it as a csv file for uploading into your bank or BACS provider's software.

If, on the other hand, your client doesn't have BACS facilities (which are VERY expensive to set up), then what form did you expect the payment directive from QBO to the bank to take? Under the new Open Banking initiative, I expect that this will become commonplace for all cloud accounting software, but I suspect that is at least 6-12 months away.

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By Kathysymonds
20th Dec 2018 10:20

Thank you Charlie for your very useful response. I'm used to bigger flashier ERP systems! Bit of a shock to find there isn't even a field to enter the bank details in QBO!

No, you're right, they don't have BACS, they have online banking.

Just have to live with a human bridge between the QBO payment output and the online payment portal!

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