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suppliers invoicing late?

suppliers invoicing late?

is there anything you can do to crack down on suppliers sending you invoices late? Of course if you pay only upon receipt of invoice this is a cash flow benefit to the business. However if a lot of suppliers are doing so it creates a problem to prepare the management accounts etc if there are variances from PO to invoice. Is there anything one can do to discourage this practice of late invoicing? 

I suppose we could also look at the process for POs and provision to ensure these are as accurate as possible.. 


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13th Feb 2012 10:49

Have you looked at Self Billing?

This is a possibility but in reality I would rely on the accruals from PO/ GRN rather than provoke an inrush of Invoices. I'd swap cash flow for accuracy any day.


If you want you could send back to supplers invoices which exceed or don't match the POs. This is an effective way of training both your suppliers and your managers to ensure accurate POs are in place which will help your accuals process. It's a bit draconian though and depends on the size of your organisation. 

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