Support for Iris Elements when all else has failed

Am running out of patience with Iris support for their Tax and Accounts product.

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Am running out of patience with Iris support for their Tax & Accounts product.  Was a happy Taxfiler customer and initially was satisfied post migration.  However an R&D claim has tipped me over the edge with them and their support is next to useless.

The first issue appears to be acknowledged by them as a software fault (incorrect computation figure) but no workaround or ETA for a fix given.

The second issue I feel like I am talking another language - the software is not doing what I think it should do and all I am getting is support articles cut and paste back to me or a suggestion to speak to HMRC!

Other that getting it off my chest (feel marginally better already) I was wondering if anyone has escalation routes to more senior people, or other tactics that have yielded results in similar situations.  Right now I feel ignored and this 'digital only' support isn't much cop when you hit the brick wall.

I will be seeking alternatives but right now have a client who is not going to happy if their refund takes much longer to submit the claim for.


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By Wanderer
19th Feb 2024 18:42

Get a free demo of TaxCalc & if you find it as easy as it is, pay the £203 to actually file the return:-
You'll probably find it less stressful than dealing with Iris.

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By Matrix
19th Feb 2024 21:55

I would post it on X.

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By frankfx
20th Feb 2024 10:54

Why not use
Absolute Tax, Tim Good's company, as a one off solution?

Cost £25

Or Andica, similar price

Until you make your ultimate decision.

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