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Switching from Taxcalc to Digita

Have any Xero users made the switch?

I am considering moving from Taxcalc to Digita which seems to have better email integration and the 2-way Xero integration looks really good too.

Have any other Xero users made the switch from Taxcalc to Digita for company & individual accounts / tax returns (since the Xero integration came into existence)? If so do you have any regrets, e.g. noticed things Taxcalc had which Digita doesn't etc?

I do really like the 'check & finish' checks that Taxcalc has, but have found these warnings can't always be relied on. I have now had 2 sets of limited company accounts where the balance sheet didn't balance but no warnings were flagged up.


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15th Nov 2017 12:44

we made the change from Taxcalc to BTC which works very well with xero

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By nodhedz
15th Nov 2017 14:41

I’ve been considering it for a while, largely on the integration with Xero. But I really like TaxCalc and the increase in cost moving to Digita also puts me off, since I won’t use a lot of Digita’s functionality.

Be interested to see who else has moved and what they think.

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15th Nov 2017 14:53

I moved from Digita to Taxcalc and very happy. I think you will find the cost difference just to get the Xero link will not be worth it.

If thats really important look at BTC as they have same thing and BTC is probably slightly cheaper than Taxcalc.

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15th Nov 2017 15:04

I am willing to pay the extra, if it gives me more reliability and functionality.

I did look at BTC when I first started up and didn't like it (can't remember why though!). I didn't think it had 2-way integration with Xero - have I missed that one?

I can import TB's from Xero into Taxcalc but it is the 2-way adjustments synchronisation that thought looked really good on Digita.

Glenn is there anything you miss from Taxcalc that Digita doesn't have?

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to Carl London
15th Nov 2017 16:23

I can confirm that BTC has 2 way integration with Xero.

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to Carl London
16th Nov 2017 17:16

I went from Digita to Taxcalc. For me the only thing I miss was Personal Tax in Digita as that was the best product in the suite. It is better than Taxcalcs PT. But my tax cases are simple so Taxcalc is good enough.

I didn't like the AP+ digita brought out for FRS102 which was a bit of a nightmare for them and there has been a few threads about it.

I was very impressed with Taxcalc's prep for MTD at accountex this year they have the API with HMRC now and are working on a catch all funnel that will pull in all data from spreadsheets etc into a format ready for the quarterly submissions which was seemed very good for smaller jobs where going onto Xero might not work, like landlords etc. Taxcalc was also a lot cheaper than Digita as the price goes up rapidly as you add client numbers and users. I prefer the fixed price of Taxcalc for unlimited clients.

I just do all the adjustments in Xero so the 2 way thing is not that big an issue for me.

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16th Nov 2017 14:52

Interesting, I couldn't get on with Taxcalc so I look forward to the replies.

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