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Systemising accounts call ins, preparation, budget etc?

Systemising accounts call ins, preparation,...

We are a small practice in North London, and have grown well over the last few years. does anyone have, or is prepared to share a system for producing accounts efficiently.

in my mind:

  1. I don’t like just letters going out asking for information, people need calls too
  2. When stuff comes on it needs to be checked to ensure it is what we need, yes, that will take time, but its useful time
  3. When records come in they need to be both
    1. acknowledged and         
    2. clients given a time when they can expect the accounts back
  4. the work needs to be put on the plan
  5. I want things turned around in 3 weeks, and that means from the day in, to the day draft accounts are out, and faster if there a deadline
  6. I want the clerk briefed, given a budget, and a date they expect to deliver back
  7. I want the budget checked
  8. I want a bill done ,or reconciled to a standing order
  9. Letter or email drafted
  10. Accounts reviewed in a standard way
  11. I want a monthly or weekly report of accounts that have gone out, I thought monthly, but now prefer weekly

alternatively, anyone fancy two weeks to consultancy to get us a set of systems that will allow that part of my practce to run smoothly



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21st Sep 2011 09:50

you say systemising

but what you are describing is a process.  Don't get wound up on the technology - to make this work you need someone to manage and champion it - and you need to hold your people to account for making it work.

So why not start with a simple checklist on the file - get the manager to complete it ans sign off on it, and then manage it.  Collating the checklists is a simple daily admin job, using excel.

then when you have a working process, think about how you might automate it.

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By ksalter
21st Sep 2011 16:33


The 2020 product - Forms Letters and Tools has lots of these items you are looking for - more details at



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22nd Sep 2011 08:16

Systems and Checklists


I would  endorse systems and check lists, whilst avoid getting tied up in the technology - there is a multitude of choice but any technology is going to b better for a good process that is clearly defined and works for your practice.

Rather than champion the process I would have someone responsible and accountable to you for managing the process end to end successfully, and keep the numbers so you know for every client where you are in the process.


-- Accounting the PaperLess way™

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to Joe from Funding Options
23rd Sep 2011 05:37


Thanks for your advice, very sensible


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