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Systems overhaul advice

What storage systems do you use ?

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Looking for some inspiration from others!

Small practitioner with about 250 clients and 3 remote workers - our increasing problem is emails containing info not getting filed and needing something that brings together everything for a client.

Currently we use:-



Tax calc


Dropbox for file storage

Excel for capturing time for add on services


I’ve looked at logical office and virtual cabinet - logical office looks like it covers most system processes but I really don’t like the look of it (very much windows 3.1) and there seems to be an awful look of clicking needed for some things - VC looks great for bringing together documents and emails but seems limited.

My main question is what do other firms use ?

The one thing I do need is the emails to be tracked and filed (with as little user invention as possible to ensure it gets done) against the clients so provide a bit of a timeline and correspondence file.

Document storage seems to be just that - storage of documents - but where do you then put all your files ? Ie sage backups, payroll software backups etc etc ? As these are currently filed in the client folders in Dropbox 

Workflow management defo needs improving as whilst tax calc is getting better it’s not great and anything you email from them just goes into the clients junk folders

So ideally - software that has document management, emailing integration, workflows AND storage of data files  - it is Xmas soon so I can but ask! Or ideas as to as few a systems as possible

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By Amy-Accountant
29th Nov 2018 11:57


We use Papershield for document & email management. It uses AI to file emails on a client by client basis with very little user input.

Hope this helps!

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29th Nov 2018 11:59

CCH Central suite of products from Wolters Kluwer comprises modules such as Document Management (for creating, storing and searching any files, including emails), Workflow and time and fees (Practice Management) and other modules

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By pauljohnston
29th Nov 2018 12:09

Senta I belive would do most of what you awnt.

The problem that you outline is one being faced by many others. Not only for remote workers but staff working from home when little Johnny is ill

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By djn24
29th Nov 2018 13:19

We use CCH for everything apart from document management where we use Virtual Cabinet.

I've found the workflows quite tricky to set up in CCH tbh.

In February we are going to seriously look at accountancymanager and glide. I think they would cover most of your needs.

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Replying to djn24:
By PStreet
29th Nov 2018 15:22

I've just signed up with virtual cabinet to be installed in feb - though currently trying to find a hosted server to put it on (and the rest of the company stuff) - how are you finding VC?

I heard reviews similar to that about CCH so have looked at senta and accountancy manager - senta seems to offer a lot more flexibility to suit your own needs.

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Replying to PStreet:
By djn
29th Nov 2018 20:51

At the moment we use remote desktop but the server is still in our office.
VC is very good and I wouldn't think of not using this or similar in future. Much easier to retrieve data and has saved huge amounts of time through the years.
If you use cch, glide actually integrates with cch so no retyping client details which is great.
I looked at senta but I think I preferred accoutancy manager. Apart from the initial set up which will be a headache I think it could be amazing. The glide integration is the one thing that makes me slightly hesitant in choosing accountancy manager.
Also I haven't quite worked out how Vc and accountancy manager/glide will work as I think there's quite a bit of overlap between the two. Ideally I want to reduce the amount of products I use.not increase them.

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By jamied16
23rd Jan 2019 21:01

Looking into this at the moment. Thinking of using virtual cabinet and Glide alongside TaxCalc and Xero. Anyone experienced using the same? Or recommend alternative approach?

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