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T 64-8's & 4X the Work!

T 64-8's & 4X the Work!

The Pensions Service were sent our client's authorisation - it had to be a letter - a general 64-8 will not do because the Pensions Service is not joined up with the NIC Office - even though they [ the PS] take their data from the NICO; mmm wonder about data protection issues here?

Any way this authority was sent to the PS on August 23rd - not yet processed thus far; therefore the PS can't talk to me about their records of the NIC's that our client has made. Helpfully the PS provided the telephone number of the NICO; which I then called:

[As a result of this call I have faxed the NICO thus]

"1 I had been told to call your office by the Pensions Service who get their data from you.
2 I was courteously dealt with all of the time by Kirby.
3 I was informed that in spite of there being a form 64-8 in place for us on the HMRC web site that one WAS NOT in place for our client on your system! Therefore I would have to complete and send a new one to you.
3A Consider the implications for our 269 clients: We have now to send you a fax listing those clients; you now have to check EVERY one against your non-integrated records; then you send us forms 64-8 for the number you don't have records for = print & additional postage costs; we send them (postage and stationery costs) to our client; who return them to us (postage & stationery costs; we then forward them to you (postage & stationery costs) ; you input them (staff time costs) to authorise us - in a duplicate of what is happening within SA!
3B Therefore in the spirit of co-operation I will pass a copy of this fax to Accountingweb so that the other practitioners in the UK can do the same - ensuring that your records are accurate.
4 This fax is being sent to this number because Kirby did not have access to a directory of fax numbers in the building and could only suggest that I telephone ANOTHER number to obtain it - what a ridiculous situation for her to be in.

Therefore your service delivery is poor and I want to know why you are spending taxpayers money in not integrating information and why I have to go to ridiculous efforts to resolve a simple query?"

I urge all practices to fax the NICO with their client list to ensure that they ARE on the NICO's system - otherwise BEWARE!

Stephen Elms


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29th Sep 2006 10:55

Losing my will to fight!
I could fill these pages with similar moans e.g. what is the point of the FBI for online filing of PAYE when you call Bradford and are told that you are not registered as an agent for that client (on line filing authority is different apparantly). So, I can file online for someone but not chase the £250.00 repayment despite the fact that the notification is in my mail box.

I have reached the stage where I just cant be bothered to argue or get annoyed any more ... maybe that was their plan all along!?

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