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Taking Card Payments


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I'd like to have a facility to receive card payments from clients

I only expect it to be used infrequently, so just need a pay as you go option

does anyone currently do this? would be interested to hear which providers are worth using

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
02nd Mar 2017 14:20

I dont use any myself but I know some accountants use GoCardLess

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By ohgoodgodno
02nd Mar 2017 14:32

Thanks, we already use Gocardless for direct debits

we are looking for card payments over the phone or in the office

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By tom123
02nd Mar 2017 14:34

I use Worldpay Zinc - it's PAYG, and copes with cardholder not present.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
02nd Mar 2017 15:59

I use Xero and Gocardless links to it where clients can push the pay now button on your invoice and make a card payment to pay it.

Its the stuff of champions and has improved the collection of one off invoices hugely in many cases with people clicking and paying by return.

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Replying to Glennzy:
By Charlie Carne
08th Mar 2017 11:39

I, too, use GoCardless and it's fantastic but, as pointed out above, it is used to take payments from bank accounts (using a very simplified implementation of the direct debit process) and is even simple for one-off payments. If your client contact has authority to set up a DD, I'd recommend GoCardless every time, as it is so cheap and easy to use.

However, for clients whose staff don't have authority to set up direct debits (mainly larger companies with complex internal review procedures), credit cards may be easier and, for that, I'd use Stripe. Like GoCardless it is VERY easy to set up and there is no monthly fee, so it is perfect for infrequent use.

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By Richardrussell
02nd Mar 2017 18:52


20p + 1.4%, receive funds after 1 week

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By pauljohnston
08th Mar 2017 11:55

As does Tom123 we use worldpayzinc for payments over the phone. For other debit/credit card paymenst (via our website) paypal. This is now integrated into Quickbooks as is gocardless.

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By stepurhan
08th Mar 2017 12:02

For in office, we use these people.

You make a one-off payment to get a card reader. After that commission is deducted from each payment received, with no other costs. The commission rates go down based on the amount taken each month, with any rebate paid after the end of the month when the total is known.

You will need a smart phone or tablet (we have used it with both an iPad and iPhone) to generate the payment details. This is connected to the card device by Bluetooth.

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