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Taking money from company help

Taking money from company help

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Company has been running for a number of years with 2 directors on a 50:50 share split with each taking a small salary

Director A wants to withdraw from the business and for Director B to be compensated for this

What is the most tax efficient way of doing this?

Would 'B' shares with non voting rights be a definite no go?

Thanks in advance

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By sarahg
22nd Sep 2010 21:24

No suggestions?

Does nobody have any suggestions?

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By blok
23rd Sep 2010 09:21


Not enough info.

Is the company trading, if so how long? 

Does the company have funds?

Does the other shareholder have funds?

What value has been agreed?

Why do you mention B shares at all? 

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By andypartridge
23rd Sep 2010 09:37

Not enough info (2)

Isn't it Director A who should be compensated, or are the shares worthless?

-- Kind regards Andy

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