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Taking on new clients already set up for MTD VAT

When asking a client to authorise you HMRC tells you that they will need "Gov gateway ID" etc

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I am a new practice and taking on clients who have already been set up for MTD for VAT by their previous agents. When asking a client to authorise me through the ASA, HMRC says that I need to tell the client they will need their Government Gateway User ID and password. What happens if they do not have a personal tax account because they have previously been dealt with by an agent? I have to say that I am finding the "online services for agents" versus ASA extremely confusing - for example, is it necessary to copy across clients to the ASA if you are only dealing with Self assessment for them? Any help gratefully received.

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By SXGuy
01st Aug 2020 16:49

No need to carry over sa only clients. That will be when mtd for income tax comes around.

You will need to ask the previous accountants to deactivate their link to the clients mtd account I believe if they don't have a gateway account.

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