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Taking the pi$$

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One to make you smile, or grimace - depending on how you're feeling at present. 

I've just had a client, who last year reported £25k of interest income and £80k+ portfolio dividends (in addition to £500k non-exec director fees), email to ask what Government support is available to the likes of him. 

I'm inclined to tell him to ask HMRC if they will buy his yacht. 

The old adage is true - the more money you have, the more you want. 

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By ohgoodgodno
28th Mar 2020 14:53

I had a client moaning about the support he'd get - he's a builder type and a tool at the best of times, but now querying how is he supposed to maintain his lifestyle with what was on offer!!

there are some good eggs out there though, I've spoken to many clients who are so grateful and humble to be getting something even if its JRS on a directors salary

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Replying to ohgoodgodno:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
28th Mar 2020 22:30

I spoke to a client today, H&W co. He said he wasn’t going to furlough his wife as he didn’t need the extra £575pcm.
Fair play I thought.

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By Lee11_1989
28th Mar 2020 14:55

See the best and the worst of people in times like these.

We have a client in a very strong financial position. They contacted us to volunteer to pay a years accountancy fees in advance, if we needed a cash flow boost. There are some good people out there too.

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By JimLittle
28th Mar 2020 14:57

Unfortunately society is full of people like your client who are just selfish and ignorant.

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By Accountant A
15th Jun 2020 20:31

T[8y v[

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Replying to Accountant A:
Hallerud at Easter
28th Mar 2020 18:35

Pretty short sighted but it is what I expect next week from some of our more stupid commercial tenants who pay monthly.

However there is the point that those who behave that way may find their landlord less obliging at the end of all this when they maybe have say 3-4 months arrears to catch up and want to spread that repayment or seek partial forgiveness, those who played reasonable with us will be fine , those that did not and had our staff chasing them up and expending effort will be remembered.

As landlords of commercial property our policy at present is to give deferment for a percentage of the April rent to those who ask, to date usually up to 50%, and grant the odd complete waiver for particular trades that cannot do any work and appear to be ineligible for both the £10,000 and £25,000 grant (I rough checked our entire rent roll's RVs week before last ,though do not know what other properties they hold so cannot be absolute re their likely eligibility)

At the end of it all , when over, or at least UK mainly goes back to work, we will see what we can do with deferred rent, maybe writing some off, but what we are not in the main currently doing is committing to this now as we cannot know how long this will go on and what it will cost us. The key point is if I am writing off rents due, and I have a budget, those who were a pain will be at the end of the queue.

This is obviously a busy time for everyone, I expect this coming week to be really brutal as those on monthly rent payment profiles have April rents falling due, so getting the runaround from tenants will possibly be very poor decision making by those that behave like ostriches.

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