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Taper relief/Residential lettings exemption

Taper relief/Residential lettings exemption

Property jointly owned by husband and wife was sold in 2007/8, producing a material gain after indexation relief. Residential lettings relief applies. Can somebody confirm whether this is calculated on the pre-tapered gain (as I think it is) or post-tapered gain.


Howard Myers


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By Anonymous
20th Aug 2008 14:41

Purchase Price £0 00/01/1900
Indexation 0.000 £0
Legal Fees £0
Sale Price £0 01/01/1901
Enhancements £0
Legal Fees £0
Gross Gain £0
PPR Relief £0 £0
Letting Relief £0 £0
Taper Relief 0% £0
CG Allow'ce 1 £9,200 -£9,200
CG Bill £0
Letting relief is calculated of the Gross prior to Taper although Indexation is done as part of the gross gain.
Also remember that letting relief only applies to actually let days not voids or any period covered by PPR ( the 36 months exemption) these are treated as residence days. Regards Peter

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