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Tasbooks Trial Balance

My sales totals on my trial balance do not match my lodgements. It is less. It always matches.

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All invoices & payments appear created & entered correctly. 
Is there any quick way of checking did any invoice get assigned to incorrect sales nominal. 

The difference doesn't appear in any other nominal or on Balance sheet.

we don't have tas support so can't find out if this is a bug. 

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By Tim Vane
27th Feb 2020 00:11

No Tasbooks questions for years then three come along at once.

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By Accountant A
27th Feb 2020 01:30

Using software with no support? How bloomin' sensible!

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By jcace
27th Feb 2020 01:51

You could try running program 132 to print audit trail by nominal account to screen. Under Ledgers, untick everything apart from Sales Ledger and SO invoicing if all sales have been recorded by way of a sales invoice (as opposed to cash receipt etc). You'll have to scroll down, but you'll see where all the entries have been posted.

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