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Tax advice helplines

We have used Abbey Tax/Markel tax for a few years

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With our fee protection insurance we have free access to the abbey tax helplines.  To be fair the advice is brilliant and they are very thorough.

However, it seems to me that the call back times are getting longer and longer.  I very rarely get straight through anymore which was never an issue previously and sometimes I can't even speak to reception to log the call as they are too busy.

Is anyone else having this issue?  Cna you reccomend an alternative?

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By Robert Hurn
25th Sep 2019 10:26

We have been very satisfied with Tax Action . Have to wait for a call back, but is normally within a few hours

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By Moonbeam
25th Sep 2019 14:24

I'm with Croner. Most of the time the quality of advice is excellent. Just occasionally as with all helplines, I get a junior who is keen to cover up their lack of knowledge when it is obvious to me they haven't got a clue and I ask to be referred to someone else. I almost never get my query answered immediately, and I've learned to factor that in. As you've found, there are some days when a call back can be the next day or days, particularly July-Aug. The problem with moving to another provider is they may well turn out to be no better than the one you left. It's really the old story - there are never enough really well qualified/experienced people. They are padded out with trainees, in the hope that a lot of the queries will be easy ones. In fact I suspect most queries are reasonably complex.
So I think you just need to accept advice won't be immediate.

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