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Tax adviser's notification letter

Tax adviser's notification letter

Received a letter in the post in the morning regarding an ex-client of the practice.

Title 'Tax adviser's notification'. Having read it and spoke to HMRC it seems as though it is essentially an aspect enquiry without actually informing the tax payer of it happening?

Aside from the fact that we no longer act for the tax payer, and also that it would appear that he was in receipt of employment income from his own sole trader business (presumably the fact he prepared his own P35 and P60s is how this has arisen!) it just seems a bit underhand as the client doesn't get notified by HMRC until presumably there is confirmation that some tax is owing! 

Moan over, thanks for listening!


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27th Jun 2013 10:51

Leaving aside the fact that you no longer act for this particular client, frankly I would prefer HMRC to contact the agent and leave client out of the loop, rather than the reverse, which in my experience happens far too often.

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