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Tax and Accounting support for accountant

Tax and Accounting support for accountant

Hi All, Im a one man band chartered accountant and sometimes I need Tax and accounting support/advise/questions answered.  Are there any organisations out there that offer support to small time accountants? thanks


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29th Feb 2016 19:54

Practice Society Helpline + ICAEW Technical Enquiry Service
I can't recommend the Practice Society Helpline highly enough for tax support (including VAT); it's run by Abbey Tax and you've got the ICAEW for accounting and ethics etc.

I hope that helps.

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29th Feb 2016 21:39

Do you have a tax helpline thrown in with your PI Insurance?  We get ours via Bluefin (ICAEW approved broker) and get access to Abbey Tax helplines, which I have always found to be excellent.

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29th Feb 2016 21:42

Iv used abbey tax Techinal helpline in the past. 25 calls for a fixed fee and reductions for written consultation work. Accountax are outstaning for CIS, IR35 and employment law matters. My fee protection provider has tax & vat helplines too. (PFP).... Decent.

Im ATT and theres loads of stuff on there website.

Always good to form a relationship with other specialist' for tax and investigation work. In Glasgow there are a number of mid tier firms that offer monthly informal "seminars" who's sole focus is to introduce themselves as advisors on a one off consultancy basis for the 100'of smaller firms/ one man bands like ourselves.

Iv had ties in's with more experienced accountants, tax advisors, finacial advisors, IPs and tax investigation consultants from day one. Often it leads to commisions but mostly i use them as a added value service for my clients...... And handle anything im comfortable with myself. Working with these firms/consultants is a priceless education particulary when under P in complex investigation work or setting up high avoidance commerical contractor type vehicles

Another source of good reading, informative webinars in all things tax & accounting is taxation magazine (weekly), tax for professionals by indicator (monthly) and lexis nexis trolley seminars also updated monthly. All pretty inexpensive and mostly very practical with good worked examples.

Good luck

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By marks
29th Feb 2016 22:16

taxwise and ICPA

I have tax investigation insurance for all clients with taxwise and get access to their helpline

Also a member of ICPA and get access to their tax helplines.


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