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Tax Assistant

Tax Assistant

We currently use tax assistant from Drummohr and have done for many years. We are reasonably happy but.....!!

We are seriously thinking about changing suppliers.

Our reasons are:

1.  We can not put the software on our server

2.  This effectively means we have to tie one computer upto purely for tax - which is a waste

3.  Every other software we use allows us to do this

4.  Annual cost is now £835 and this is effectively for one user. We appreciate there is no client limit and do around 250 SA / Partnership returns and 100 CT returns per annum

We think (but don't know) that there may be better software out there which maybe more user friendly and each staff member can have access from there desk via the server rather than the tax computer we have to use (we have set up a connection over the internet to save them moving desks).

Incidentally our accounts production software is Sage Accounts Production and moneysoft for payroll (we are happy with both of these).

We would welcome any constructive thoughts especially from those who may have changed recently from tax assistant.

Many thanks


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01st Jul 2012 16:38

Digita prices their software based on users and number of companies but I find it very easy to use and I am sure you can use it on a server.

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01st Jul 2012 18:20

TaxCalc & BTC

Both ok on networks and both user friendly.

We use TaxCalc on a network with the data on a NAS drive, and it is very easy to install & set up.

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By Flash Gordon
02nd Jul 2012 09:24


I'd vote for BTC.

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04th Jul 2012 11:02


We moved from Drummohr to BTC, mainly because we could see that it would become a legacy product within IRIS.  I guess what you have done is have just one licence for Drummohr and perhaps you simply need to purchase more licences?  Having made the move we are reasonably happy with BTC, particularly that they are constantly trying to improve the software.  The tax return product is not as good as Drummohr and you need to factor in the full cost of changing in terms of data entry time.  That aside the client database is reasonably good in BTC and it does help with workflow.  We have had no major issues with online and ixbrl filings and from that perspective all is working well.  Oh and in answer to the question, the software sits on each machine that accesses a central database on one machine, as we have a peer to peer network; I have no knowledge of using on a server proper.

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