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Tax avoidance and loan charge letter

Sent to me in error

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I’ve today received a loan charge letter from HMRC.

I’ve neither entered into such arrangement nor is the UTR quoted mine.

Have any of your clients received such letters in error?



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11th Dec 2018 21:04

I was approached for advice by someone who received one.

After grilling the client a bit, I wrote to HMRC basically saying "We don't know what you are talking about, please elaborate."

They wrote back saying "Sorry, we made a mistake"

No offer to refund the couple of hours of my time of course - so the client had to cop for it.

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By cbp99
to AnnAccountant
12th Dec 2018 12:51

Suggest you send HMRC your receipted invoice and request they reimburse the client. Should be straightforward since they have admitted their mistake.

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