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Tax Calc time&Fee alternative?

Just wondering how other Tax Calc users are filling the gaps of time&Fee

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I like Tax Calc, but in absence of Time & Fee and decent practice management functionality, just wondering what other firms are using to keep on top of deadlines, fee notes and tasks managements?

Each year Tax Calc tend to introduce irrelevant add on when most crucial functionality such as practice management including Time&Fee and charity templates are absent. I was promised back in 2015, and I was told these functionalities are round the corner; after 6 years, only fee module is introduced, not sure what standalone ‘time recording’ will do in absence of fee/invoice generation.  

Not easy to switch practice software, but feels like we are trapped. Any thoughts?

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
17th Jun 2020 18:22

We use Glide for PM & harvest for time recording. None of the 3 integrate, but that’s a sacrifice I accept.

If you bill hourly, Harvest will send your hours through to Xero. We bill fixed, so use the budget function to see actual v budget. Harvest has a sister software, Forecast, which we use as a job planner and it adds forecasted hours to the Harvest WiP.

The way he have harvest set up is each billable cycle is a different ‘project’ for the relevant client. Eg ‘YE 2020’, or ‘bookkeeping billed hourly’ etc.

Glide doesn’t have some of whistles of other PM software (eg no HMRC integration to see if you have authority, like AM), buts it’s workflows are so so flexible (you create them yourself from scratch, it’s pretty straight forward).

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By BigBadWolf
30th Sep 2020 12:21

Perhaps too late for you ... but they now do have Time & Fees

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