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Tax Calculation Software

Tax Calculation Software

Having used Intuit TaxCalc Professional for a number of years, I have now been informed that Intuit will no longer be selling this product after Jan 05.
I'm looking for advice on the best alternative products currently available.
Tom Clark


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21st Jan 2005 20:50

Not again....very disappointing!
First QuickTax, now TaxCalc! Both software products successful prior to acquisition, only to see there demise shortly thereafter. I hope that the individual contributors of TaxCalc try again...there is a market place for personal tax prep software - and supported by the IR. Individual taxpayers deserve a choice of product / preparation channels.

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20th Jan 2005 14:49

PTP Software
PTP achieved the highest overall satisfaction score in the recent IT Faculty survey of personal tax products.Given that we are far from the most expensive we must be worth looking at.
If you would like to look at fully functional demo please call me (Dave Frost) on 01865 309804 and I will send you a CD without obligation.

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19th Jan 2005 11:28

They are not the most prominant supplier, but we've been using Drummohr Technologies Tax Assistant package for 5 or 6 years, and have no intention of changing.

Prior to purchasing I did a comparative review on price / features of other products, looked at demos, and from that decided to impliment Drummohr's product when our three year licence with IBIS (now part of sage I think) ended.

We used to log an average of 2 support calls a week to Ibis. In the first year of using Drummohrs product we logged 1 in the whole year!

(Note: Ibis, not Iris)

Prior to use of Ibis, we used Taxsoft, again part of sage now I belive, right at the start of self asssessment. It was an appaling piece of software only matched by the cavalier attitiude of those who sold it.

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By Anonymous
19th Jan 2005 12:15

Objective tax
What about objective tax. This is regularly advitised in A Age. At around £250+vat it does everything from self-assessment, corporation tax, p11d, etc plus more, and all for unlimited clients. It looks too good to be true.

Currently available for £150+vat for 03/04 version.( end of season offer!)

Has anybody any experience of its use?

We use PTP and have no complaints, but it is much more expensive.

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19th Jan 2005 12:27

TaxCalc Personal
Although a professional accountant at work, at home I just do Returns for myself and a couple of family members, using the "Personal" version of TaxCalc, which cost just £20-odd and had full functionality but would only create a maximum of six Returns.

Does anyone know of a suitable replacement for this (and hopefully at a similar price!)?

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17th Jan 2005 15:49

Depends On Your Needs
I have no experience of your current package.

However , if you need a comprehensive package that will do almost anything and everything for you....... from calculations to substitute Returns..... to FBI, then it appears that you have two major options (although doubless this will be refuted by other competitors). Iris and Taxabilitypro.

Everyone with whom I speak using either package is more than satisfied with the software. Iris users usually grumble about the cost, but still wouldn't be without the product.

As a satisfied Taxabilitypro user (Digita Solutions) I can give a good testomonial for them.

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18th Jan 2005 21:00

well i would say Digita (or PTP tho have yet to see their acs prep software), all acs software is getting more expensive as the rules become ever more complex to interpret and comply with.

email me if you would like any unbiased ( i hope) info [email protected]

John Savage also recommends Digita and his recommendation does come lightly!

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18th Jan 2005 14:06

Will we all end up with Sage anyway ?
We originally used IBIS who were bought out by APEX who have now become SAGE. The tax software currently marketed by Sage is pretty much the same as it was when we had IBIS.

I imagine the market will get smaller and smaller so whatever you choose we will all end up with the same software eventually.

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18th Jan 2005 16:22

taxcalc pro users
I have also been using taxcalc pro for a few years, going back to when it was a Which product.

By and large 'it does what it says on the tin' with few complaints. Indeed I imagine that there is a small army of loyal taxcalc pro users, and it will be a real shame if a buyer can't be found.

Other than the Keytime and Digita products, what else is out there in the market, which will do the basics very well (ie. prepare Tax Returns, tax calculations and on-line filing), for a reasonable price. As a two-mand band, our firm is not interested in management reporting functions and the like.

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17th Jan 2005 17:14

Taxability Pro
As a small practitioner and a user of Digita's Taxability Pro for a number of years, I can certainly highly recommend it. At the moment I am banging out returns for clients, as many of us are, and thank Gawd that Taxability Pro is reliable, accurate and easy to use. My returns are being filed by FBI without problems.

The tax computation report I send to my clients accompanying their return is outstanding, and I have yet to see a better one. Quite frankly, I wouldn't even consider using any other product.

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17th Jan 2005 20:02

Intuit TaxCalc
Thank you all for your advice - I will now look at Digita's solution. P. S. - someone should buy up Intuit's TaxCalc software.

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18th Jan 2005 09:51

Keytime Tax Professional
Hello Tom,

Keytime Tax Professional does everything TaxCalc does and more for very similar money.

As it is also part of an integrated suite of practice software tools, you also have the option to add on Final Accounts, Payroll, Corporation Tax and our new Practice and CLient management package DRIVE should you so wish.

Take a look at our website at or at our Corporate Partner page on AccWeb for more details.

If you have any questions, or simply want to arrange to look at an evaluation copy, please call us on 0845 456 3103.

Good luck


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18th Jan 2005 13:47

TaxCalc replacement
Hi Tom,

There will be no shortage of advice for you as most tax software providers will be anxious to secure your business!

You may, however, like to look at TaxChecker as an option for next year – our product is not dissimilar in functionality (or price) to TaxCalc and you will be able to import all of your 2004 TaxCalc records into TaxChecker for a seamless transfer.

For a free evaluation copy of TaxChecker 2004, please visit where you can download the program or request a CD to be posted.

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By Jehnavi
18th May 2013 11:19

Income Tax Software -   you

Income Tax Software -   you also have the option to add on Final Accounts, Payroll, Corporation Tax and our new Practice and CLient management package DRIVE should you so wish.

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