Tax code after moving abroad

What tax code to use on UK salary in the new tax year after moving abroad

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I moved abroad in Aug last year. I continue to run a UK limited company till date. Have been taking salary to below 12500 and dividends in the past years. But, for 2023-24, I have kept my PAYE earnings less than 12500 in UK and no dividends. Hence, I did not send P85 to HMRC. I updated my overseas address details with HMRC though. 

For the tax year 2024-25, what is the process? What tax code do I use and do I have to send any request to HMRC for the same?

Is there any additional formality after 52 weeks when I no longer have to pay NI on my earnings? 

Thanks in advance for the help


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By Leywood
26th Mar 2024 10:04

Your accountant in the uk can assist with such queries, with the benefit of the full facts. BTW you may also need an accountant for your ltd company in whatever country you are now living in, given you are running the uk business from abroad.

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By accountantccole
26th Mar 2024 12:46

Two issues
1) Where are employment duties being performed? If not the UK, you should probably be on an overseas payroll
2) Branch alert..... if you are working on foreign soil, it is likely that the local country will require you to report the profits there...
If you don't have an accountant already in both UK and abroad, you need to seriously start looking for one/two!

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