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Tax codes

Tax codes

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Traditionally rang HMRC to get tax codes changed a few at a time, check next day or within 48 hours all good.  None urgent, write a quick letter sorted within a month.

Now telephone is long wait or letter long wait. Tried filling a form online success rate 1 out of 4.

How do others do it without asking clients to update there personal tax accounts. Any suggestions would be most welcome looking for speed and efficiency. Many thanks in advance.



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By lionofludesch
24th Mar 2021 18:21

I've never made a fuss about tax codes. It's pay now or pay later - the overall tax bill is the same. Obviously, if it was miles out I'd reconsider that policy but, for me, I'm charging the client for doing an unnecessary job.

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By Refs1
24th Mar 2021 18:35

You raise a good point, and worth considering a change in policy for me. Thanks!

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