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Tax Credit Authorisation

Tax Credit Authorisation

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I have been trying for 4 days to renew a client's tax credits claim by telephone. The Tax Credits Helpline (agents number) say that they cannot deal with me (I have tried 5 times now!) because they do not hold authorisation. I have verified that my client is on my agent list both via the HMRC website and by telephone to my local tax office. Despite pointing this out to tax credits they still refuse to recognise me as an agent (The 64-8 was filed before Tax Credits were introduced).

In years gone by, I have had (relatively) few problems in renewing tax credits over the phone after the tax credits person has verified my authorisation on the SA system. I suspect that they have changed the system and will only now recognise agents when a "new-form" 64-8 has been filed specifying authorisation for tax credits. But a supervisor I spoke to denies that they have changed the system.

When the new form 64-8 came in HMRC said that there was no need to file new forms for existing clients.

Is anybody else having the same problems?

Ian Dalzell

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14th Sep 2009 13:28

Tax credits

I have had endless frustrations in getting them to talk to me. Even when you have spoken to someone about the client two days ago and KNOW that you are authorised, often they stop the call and refuse to go any further because "you have not given me enough information". They ask silly questions like insisting upon my own full name when I have already made it clear that I'm ringing from an accountant's about a client.

I also tried 5 times the same day about the same client recently. The fifth time it was no trouble at all - the person could speak to me! It's no good going on at the good ones about it though, it is not their fault and they just want to deal efficiently with the call.

I did ask to be put through to am manager once and they were no more help - except they did explain that the reason why they ask if the client is in the room with you, is that it would save them going through so much security if they ask questions of the client directly.

So if you know you are authorised, just keep redialing. It is very very annoying though!

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